THE PITTA-PATTER OF TINY... PROPELLORS? | Goal: US$50,000 | Raised: US$556,709 by 1,706 backers | RRP: US$269

Perfect for aerial, handheld and mounted use, this little action cam drone is the closest thing you can get to a Golden Snitch. The PITTA is modular in design, meaning you can easily remove the propellors and attach a handlebar mount instead. It’s lightweight, at only 200g, and comes with the ability to follow you around, simultaneously taking video, and can also be controlled manually using your phone. About that recording — it can take burst shots and slow-mo at 60fps, as well as take time lapses and also provide live streaming, meaning you leave the little guy docked in its charger at home and use it as a security cam. It’s very versatile and attractive, and did we mention you can just slip it into your pocket without worrying about bits getting stuck or snapped? For the hobbyist, this little drone looks very enticing.