Weird kickstarted project of the month



Sound Reactive LED Mask

MAKE YOUR FACE EVEN MORE SCARY. | Goal: CA$15,000 Raised: CA$382,341 from 5,629 backers | RRP: CA$30

Outline Montreal wants to take “a step forward” in the history of the humble mask. By fusing art and tech, the resulting mask is both disturbing and fascinating. The designs are constructed primarily with lines or small blocks of colour, ensuring more individual sections can be activated separately. The LEDs react to music or audible rhythms in the wild, blazing with colour and glow, in programmed patterns depending on the mask design. It’s light, bright, tough and niche. You’ll definitely attract some attention wearing this, and it goes without saying that your humble reviewer would pick the jaguar design over the fox, Obama, grizzly, King Kong and other masks.



ADJUST THE VOLUME OF LIFE. | Goal: US$69,000 Raised: US$595,225 from 3,018 backers RRP: US$99

These aren’t regular earbuds with music volume controls on the side. These are what the company calls an “acoustic hearing solution”, which will give you the power to cancel out all sound, turn down unwanted city noise (leaving you still aware of the outside world) and also just tone down all sound equally, to save your ears when you’re at a concert, for instance. By flicking through the various Steps, the Knops will filter out different sounds that sit at certain decibel levels. These Steps have been designed to filter out brackets of decibel-level sounds, so no customising necessary. The best thing about all this is: there’s no electronics, no app to fiddle around with and no battery. No, these aren’t noise-cancelling earbuds. You won’t be playing music through them, just listening to music (or just life in general) through them from another source. They come in all different colours and styles, too.



MODULAR BUILDING BLOCKS THAT CAN ALSO BE ROBOTS! | Goal: US$10,000 Raised: US$10,994 from 52 backers RRP: From US$89

Kids love building things — just take a look at the success of Lego, Minecraft and sandpits. Well, Easycube is introducing robotics to the mix to give little builders the chance to make something come alive, and learn at the same time! By using cubes, wheels, axels, beams, gears and much more, all sorts of vehicles and clawed monstrosities can be whipped up and given the gift of robotic life. The cubes slot together very easily and come in a range of colours — although, certain ‘action’ cubes are fixed as either blue or red. Your engine cubes (red) must be powered by a power cube (blue), and the power is transferred by a magnetic wire from the interior battery in these blue cubes to the engine cubes, which include a motor and gears. What did we say about Lego being static? With Easycube, you can get an adapter that makes your Lego move, too! So cool!